Erich Welz: Full Stack Developer

About me

I'm a Toronto-based Full Stack developer. I love writing code as it can make our world a little better. I also enjoy cycling and fixing things. Feel free to get in touch!

Fun Projects and Experiments

HomeBass: Rails app to find like-minded musicians near you


HomeBass connects musicians together. It's a mobile-ready Ruby on Rails app that allows musicians to contact and vouch for other musicians. Featured technologies include full-text search and geolocation allowing nearest users to appear first. Sign up today!

Bike Game Demo

Bike Game Demo

Refactored for web demonstration, this was originally connected to a stationary bicycle via Arduino. The pace one pedalled controlled the speed of the game. Now you can control the game speed with arrow keys. Won Hackernest Construct's Healthiest App Prize.

Quirky Quarks: A game built with jQuery

Quirky Quarks

Click on circles for points, more time and possibly profit? Compete against yourself.

Demonstration of drawing with CSS

iphone in CSS

Made entirely from HTML and CSS. Try zooming all the way in!

Non-development stuff I can do for you

Languages I speak